12.07.2019 The Oasis Collection

Photo - The Oasis Collection

The view from above gives us an interesting perspective; it makes your place bigger in visual way. Borders and contours of objects are drawn with neat lines in quiet shades.

Thanks to the right balance between color and shape, this design makes an impression of light and breezy although it’s very eventful. It’s because of cozy details, which make these stylized shapes alive: roof tiles, street lamps, the skylight windows, TV antennas, glances. And the pattern is seen like “inhabited”, with its own storyline.

The relief of stamping with small grooves creates a velvety matte surface, and the dividing lines have a smooth texture. Wallpaper is delightful to touch and nice&practical in use. This design has no gender or age borders, pattern has 6 different colors and 5 special pastel backgrounds for this collection.

«Elysium», «Oasis», series E399, 409. Hot-stamped vinyl wallpaper. Roll size: 1,06 m 10 m.


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