23.07.2019 The Cousin Collection

Lush flowering of nature and architecture shapes’ with references to the French gardens’ exquisite ecstatic. The Cousin Collection is for those who like classic compositions and romantic floral motifs! Get to know more about this newbie!>>

15.07.2019 The Chloe Collection

Neat middle-sized flowers; the leaves are made with a thin drawing of the lines and veins and the shape becomes plasticity and elegance. The laconic beauty of the natural shapes is for those who are looking for simple and versatile solutions!>>

12.07.2019 The Oasis Collection

This is stylized pattern of streets, which tightly built with multicolored houses and trees with rounded crowns. There is plenty of color, high-detailed composition, which fills all the space. You can see the entire town! The Oasis collection is a cheerful design for a tiny island of wonderful childhood in grown-ups’ world. >>

01.07.2019 The Quadrille Collection

Complicated pattern of classic shapes and flowers; ornaments in the background with slight romantic feeling. Get to know more! >>

28.06.2019 The Virtuoso Collection

The classic damask is made with smooth bends and floral motifs. This bicolor pattern is made in 8 color options, it’s nice, natural and quiet. >>

27.06.2019 The Lounge Collection

Chamber of fluid jazz groove. These designs are bright improvisation among the classic motifs. The Lounge Collection makes its own atmosphere with first sounds!>>

05.06.2019 The Medea Collection

New and open-minded look for classic shapes! Wild range of color options, special rhythm of floral monograms. Bright and pastel colors, know more about it! >>

11.03.2019 Lego Collection

A modern and energetic diamond pattern. The embossing lines that change their directions in multi-colored lines and subtle alternation of hues create the effect of volume and deepen the perspective. There are 7 color choices: from the delicate pink nacre to the bright gray-yellow graphics. The collection is made in the hot emboss technique, roll size 1.06 x 10 m. Learn more about the new product.>>

24.04.2017 New wallpaper collection “Milonga”

Elegant abstract ornament of curls produced to transform the walls and creates the unique image of interior. One-meter width wallpapers with beautiful texture and shine.>>

21.04.2017 New wallpaper collection “Olivia”

Damask pattern and luxurious texture. For classical and cozy interiors.>>