Elysium is the Federal company that creates, produces and sells wallpapers under the trade name Elysium. “Elysium” company has been in the market of finish materials since 1995. Our own production was launched in 2006. Both factory and head office are located in Berdsk city, Novosibirsk region. Our company has two branch offices in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.
“Elysium” company is constantly developing, participates in fairs and contests.
Stability of GC “Elysium” is achieved by a sustainable level of sales and profitability.
Quality of our products is proved in all the necessary Certificates and confirmed by the high ratings of Russian and foreign specialists.
“Elysium” today
Range of products, which is more than 1000 items, is permanently renewed and includes vinyl wallpapers of 0.53m and 1.06m width in the categories:
silk screen printing/serigraphy, hot embossing, inhibition, expanded vinyl.
Sales geography: from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, rapidly growing group of foreign customers.
There are over 200 members employed in the company. Due to the well-coordinated teamwork, fluid approach and competence, our business inspires respect and credibility of our consumers and business partners.
Building a career at “Elysium”
Career at GC “Elysium” is the career in a stable company of Federal importance who complies with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. Guaranteed timely salary payment. The company complies with the employees’ labor rights, which is proved by the Employer Compliance Certificate issued by the State Labor Inspection. All the requirements for working conditions and safety regulations are obeyed. The company is proud of its friendly team and provides the opportunities of professional development.

HR manager: Pisareva Irina
Tel.: +7(383) 212-07-87 (ext. 133)

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