wallpapers production

As everything special our designs start with the idea. In search of ideas our designers visit different exhibitions, draw inspiration both from works of classic and modern masters of art.

The first step is a drawing. Regarding the effect we would like to reach different techniques are used, for example, to reach the effect of “lightness” as in the design “Peony” the drawing is made with water colours and then is developed on the computer. In the design “Embroidered Leaf” there was made a graphic drawing and developed on the computer. With the help of drawings and computer programs different elements are being added or deleted. Designers consider every tiny detail for our wallpapers would look gorgeous on the wall.

When composition is approved file with the design is being sent for making colourways (to England or to Penza, Russia). What are colourways? This is the computer program with the help of which the drawing is divided into 5 colours – 5 channels, later on they will become 5 printing cylinders. As soon as colourways are approved we start to select colours on the computer. Then we print all the coloured samples and choose the best of them.

During this time printing cylinders with printed samples are delivered to our factory. Printed samples prove cylinders quality.
Now everything is ready for proof printing. Designers and colour matchers are working with inks and then make samples on proof press. About 10-12 samples goes to the design-studio where we choose 8 of them for collection.

Along with this process we also choose emboss image. Designers decide which part to emphasize and how deep emboss should be. All their comments are sent to England or explained personally when our English partners come to our factory. After that they start engraving emboss cylinders and send us an emboss sample. If we are happy with this sample, they send cylinders to Novosibirsk.

Then cylinders go to the production area where they are installed onto printing and emboss machines. Before that the vinyl is coated on the big reel of 1,06 meters width paper on the PVC line. After vinyl is coated trimmers divide paper onto two parts 0,53 meters width each. Then vinyl base is loaded on the gravure printing line.

Inks are put on the base by engraved printing cylinders. Each cylinder is responsible for one colour and one cylinder - for mica. When cylinders rotate inks are put onto the vinyl base. After each cylinder the web goes through special ovens where inks are very quickly dried. Gravure printing is famous for its’ high speeds and quality. Average speed of such machines is 120m/min.Next, the web goes to the emboss line. At our factory we do in-register and random hot emboss. The web goes through special oven where under high temperatures the upper layer of pvc is softened. Later on the web is pressed by nip to the emboss cylinder at the oven exit. Thus, the texture imitating cloth, lace, silk or embroidery appears. After that the web is trimmed and winded into rolls that are packed in the film and our labeled boxes.

This is the way how our product appears in the shops and then on the walls of our dear clients.